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Multiplication table kids math


Learn maths playing and improve your skills at multiplication, addition, subtraction, divide, calculate square roots, percentages, and decimals. Improve your mental calculation and become the king of mathematics faster than with the teacher at class.There are many types of operations that include varying levels of difficulty to suit both children who are beginning to learn and adults who already have more computing power. You can play challenging your mental quickness in 60 seconds mode or more quietly in 10 question mode.
They stand out for their difficulty, the section of multiplications with three possibilities that help to improve the level:
- Learn multiplication table: Learn a table hitting the multiplications in order- Disorganized table: Review a multiplication table with disorganized numbers- Mixed tables: A 10 questions exam of all multiplication tables
King of Maths has this features:
- 8 sections with 7 different types of operations in which you can calculate sums, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, square roots, percentages and decimals- 2 game modes in each type of operation: 60 seconds or 10 questions- Multiplication tables from 0 to 13- If you fail, the correct option is always displayed- English and Spanish languages
Enjoy an educational application of "Potencialmente interesante" that will turn you into the king of maths. A fun math game for kids and seniors that you will enjoy a lot.